Conversations With A Masked Man

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Daily Beast book excerpt, Feb, 2016: Lessons From My Father: How To Run A Secret Agent

Tupelo Quarterly, Feb 2016: Son of a Masked Man: An Interview with John Hadden by Eric Darton

Albany Times-Union, Feb 2016: Family Espionage, by Tony Pallone

Feb, 2016: San Diego Book Review; 5 stars

American Herald Tribune, Feb, 2016: John Hadden’s Conversations With a Masked Man Shows CIA Investigation of Israeli Nuclear Program, by Eion Higgins

The Worst-Kept Secret: excerpts from work by Avner Cohen

Y-Net Magazine, Jan 2016: NSA Spying on Israel: This is How You Treat Your Enemies, by Ronan Bergman

Brunswick [ME] Times-Record, May, 2013: John Lloyd Hadden Obituary

Restricted Data/Nuclear Secrecy, September, 2014: General Groves’ Secret History, by Alex Wellerstein

Foreign Policy, March, 2015: What Lies Beneath, by Scott C. Johnson

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